A final word

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We hope you found blessing and help through the Amazing Acts—act one book. If so, please urge others to read it. If you have not taken part in a Discussion Group,1 or used a Correspondence Course,2 we hope you will do so and recommend it to others also.

Having an ongoing regular daily time of Bible reading and praying to God is a must for any Christian. You could help to establish that in your life by going through the book of Acts again, and see how much has ‘stuck’ and what else there is to take in.

Follow that by reading the whole New Testament consecutively, and then ‘graduating’ to the Old Testament and New Testament together. We also hope that you will join us again in Amazing Acts—act two and in Amazing Acts—act three, both of which are similar to Amazing Acts—act one in style and length.

A book that could help you tremendously is The Bible Panorama. (See the separate website.)It walks you through the whole Bible, giving a brief overview of each book in the Bible before covering all the verses in each chapter of each book in sensible clusters very simply and easily to follow. Part 2 explains what the Bible is, how it can be studied, why it can be trusted completely, why the so-called contradictions are not really contradictions at all, how to get the most out of the Bible, how the contents of the Bible were decided, what is the Bible’s central message, and why we should read it right through. It contains useful schemes to help you read through the Bible, either in a year, or at your own pace (quicker or slower). The Bible Panorama comes with an optional downloadable pdf file so you can put its text on your computer.

The prayer of all who have worked to produce this Amazing Acts—act two is that people of all ages and backgrounds will come to know Jesus Christ and become His disciples in the fellowship of His church. If you need help or advice please contact whoever helped you to embark on Amazing Acts—act two, or write to the author at the publisher’s address.

Like the early church, notwithstanding a hostile climate and many difficulties, may we come to know Jesus and make Him known, and embark on getting to know Him better and making Him better known.