Appendix 2

Amazing Acts—act one correspondence courses

There are two Amazing Acts—act one Correspondence Courses. One is the Standard Correspondence Course. The other is the Advanced Correspondence Course. When you complete the first successfully you will receive the Amazing Acts—act one Correspondence Course Standard Certificate. You will receive the Advanced Certificate if you successfully complete both levels. You can send in the answers to both the Standard Correspondence Course and the Advanced Correspondence Course at the same time.

The Amazing Acts—act one Standard Correspondence Course

There is a separate Correspondence Course covering the Standard Correspondence Course, which describes exactly what you need to do to complete that course.

How to receive the Amazing Acts—act one Standard Correspondence Course

  • Ask for one from the person who gave you the Amazing Acts—act one book—or
  • Order it from the publisher—or
  • Order it from a bookshop—or
  • Order it from CPR Ministries at the email address

The Amazing Acts—act one Advanced Correspondence Course

To gain the Advanced Certificate, first you need to have completed the Standard Correspondence Course. Then complete the Amazing Acts—act one Advanced Correspondence Course. All you need is this copy of this Amazing Acts—act one book, a copy of the Standard Correspondence Course, and a Bible. Then choose one of the advanced three questions A, B, or C, found at the end of each chapter of this Amazing Acts—act one book. You should answer in writing on a separate sheet of paper.

Each Advanced written answer needs to be no less than 150 words and not more than 300 words. It must be written in proper sentences and properly answer whichever of the three questions you have chosen. Please then send your Advanced answers to the address stated at the top of each page in the Standard Correspondence Course, namely:—

CPR Ministries, PO Box 61685, London, SE9 9BL

Some details given in the Standard Correspondence Course book will also help you to complete the Advanced course.

Here is an example of an acceptable answer to an Advanced question: it answers Question B of Chapter 19:—

  1. Consider Philip’s conversation with the eunuch. Look at Isaiah 52:13–53:12 and the other references below. If you were asked to ‘preach Jesus’ from Isaiah 53, what would you say about Him?

Acts 8:30–35, Isaiah 52:13–53:12, 1 Corinthians 2:2, 1 Peter 2:24, 1 Peter 3:18

The message that the high ranking Ethiopian eunuch needed to hear, as a religious man converted to Judaism (which is why he had been worshipping in Jerusalem and was reading from Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet), is the message that every sinful person needs. Isaiah 52:13 to 53:12 is the passage that he was reading in his chariot and from which Philip preached about Jesus. It tells us things about Jesus and looked forward to His death on the cross:—He would deal wisely and be lifted high; His face was ‘marred’ (or disfigured); He was not regarded as attractive to those opposing Him and they despised and rejected Him; He was the Man of sorrows who bore our griefs, our sorrows, our sins, and God’s punishment for our sins, which caused God the Father to smite Him for us; He has bought us peace and spiritual healing through this; He has been bruised for us as our sin bearer because we have gone astray; He saves many people and intercedes for us; and He is worthy of my very highest esteem, whatever His enemies may say, think or do. Like the Ethiopian eunuch I need to believe in Him with all my heart and obey Him, as the eunuch did by being baptised.

How to complete the Amazing Acts—act one Standard Correspondence Course

  • Decide on how many Amazing Acts—act one Correspondence Course Papers you plan to do each week, and be disciplined to keep to your plan consistently. It is better to complete thoroughly just one Paper each week, and learn from it than to complete several in one week and none in the next. Remember that when you have completed your papers you must send them to the return address stated above.
  • Begin by completing the first two Papers. The marker of your Papers will then give you useful tips to improve your work. After you have received answers to Papers 1 and 2, send in papers 3–12 to be marked and returned to you, and then finally send in Papers13–21.
  • The goal of the Correspondence Course studies is to help you to get to know the God of the Bible personally and better day by day. So, don’t rush it! Think through the answers and pray about what you have learned. Let its lessons change your life as you trust in and depend on the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • It will, of course, help anyone to learn what Christianity really is, and how the church came into being and grew. But it will be of limited value if your only reason to complete it is to gain a Certificate. However if you allow the Word of God, the Bible to fashion and shape your life each day you will get to know the God of the Bible and know Him better each day! Study His word and apply it to your life. Pray it through. Trust the Holy Spirit of God to help you make any changes in your life that need to be made.
  • After using the CHECK LIST below, please address carefully and send your Papers to the return address stated above.

Check List

  1. Do you have a stamped addressed envelope ready to send? Your chaplain, pastor or leader of your group or fellowship may be willing to send it for you!
  2. Is this your first time to send off your completed Papers? If so, include only Papers 1 & 2.
  3. When you have received answers for Papers 1 and 2, send in Papers 3–12 and then Papers 13–21. You then will have completed the Correspondence Course.
  4. If possible, please complete your answers in black biro or in black ink
  5. Print your name and address at the top of the Paper. Indicate ‘Dr’, ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’, ‘Miss’, ‘Ms’ or whatever title is appropriate. If you are a Member of HM forces or resident at HM Prisons you must include your ID number and location as well as other details (otherwise marked Papers will not reach you). Sadly, even excellently completed Papers without a name or address or ID number have remained in the marker’s office.
  6. Have you printed or written clearly your answers to questions needing a written reply?
  7. Answer Amazing Acts—act one multiple choice questions in the Correspondence Course to gain a Standard Certificate by placing a tick in the box (or boxes if more than one answer is requested) indicating the choice (or choices) you are making.
  8. Remember that when you complete and send in your Amazing Acts—act one Standard Correspondence Course to a satisfactory level you will receive a Standard Certificate.
  9. To also receive the Advanced Certificate you must first complete successfully each Standard Certificate Paper and also complete one (only) of the three corresponding Advanced Certificate choices of questions which are found at the end of each chapter and marked A, B and C.
  10. Write or print between 150 (one hundred and fifty) and 300 (three hundred) words to answer an Advanced Certificate question. Your answer must be full enough to demonstrate that you clearly understand the question.
  11. Have you enclosed a note to your marker if you have any questions or points that need clarifying?
  12. Do not wait to receive back your marked papers before you continue your studies in Amazing Acts—act one. But do be prepared adjust your answers from your marker’s comments.

For instance, the marker may suggest you give more Bible references, or may point out a mistake in your thinking. You could then place the requested Bible references in the margin, or make any necessary correction. You will NOT lose marks for inserting the references or making corrections to your work. However, please make any changes or additions as clearly as possible. If it helps you, add another sheet explaining the corrections or additions. Remember that people are praying that you will be blessed and helped through this Amazing Acts—act one Correspondence Course!


  1. In Great Britain, the return address is printed at the top of each Standard Paper. However, a church leader, chaplain, or other group or organisation leader may arrange to collect and forward your completed Papers to that address, or alternatively have your Papers marked by a more local marker who has received our basic marking training and so is authorised by us to mark your Papers. Standard and Advanced Certificates will only be issued to those whose Papers have been marked by authorised markers.
  2. Where Papers are completed outside Great Britain, alternative arrangements will be sought for an alternative return address from which they will be marked and returned.
  3. To discuss either of the above options (1.) or (2.), please write to the stated return address, clearly labelling the envelope on the top left hand side ‘Amazing Acts—act one Correspondence Course Co-ordinator.’