Foreword – Act one by Chris

I first attended a MarkTime Discussion Group1 whilst on remand in prison, unsure of the Christian faith. I had no prior knowledge of the Bible. I was a lost and hurting soul looking for meaning in life. Sitting in that group with the other offenders, I felt different. I was touched by the peace in the room and the love and joy that emanated from the leaders. They seemed to have what I craved for—meaning in their lives. As the Word of God was played on the CD player and as the chapters and verses were discussed amongst the group and explained by the leader I began to realise that only by having a relationship with Jesus Christ would I ever be able to obtain that same peace, joy and meaning to my life. I returned to my cell that day with a thirst for knowledge and a hunger to read more of the Bible. I spent the time in my cell reading Mark Time over and over and I could not get enough of it as the words were speaking directly into my life. I attended a few more sessions and one day I gave my life to Jesus Christ in my cell. Thanks to the Biblical truths clearly and simply explained by the leader I was able to have a secure a foundation of Scripture to stand upon and I have learned so much in such a short space of time about my Lord and Saviour through Mark Time. After a while I was moved to another prison so I could no longer attend the Mark Time Discussion Group but I am so thankful that I was able to bring the Correspondence Course with me. Everywhere I go now I can read a portion of Mark’s Gospel and have it clearly explained to me by the excellent exposition of the Word in bite-sized chapters. Mark Time has been such a valuable tool for me in helping me to grow as a Christian and it is the first book I recommend after the Bible when I share my faith with someone. I recommend the book to all and I promise that you will be blessed to read it. I still am. I am honoured to be asked to write a reference. I have never written a reference before so I have just spoken or written from the heart. Regarding Amazing Acts I pray that God will use it to bless many just as Mark Time has.

‘Chris’ (Full correct name, ID and location supplied)2

  1. by Gerard Chrispin – Available to purchase online: View online at:
  2. The author knows ‘Chris’ personally and well. At the time of writing this it is about a year since he trusted Christ as his Saviour. For prison security reasons neither his proper name nor his location can be divulged. He is currently serving time in the UK for a serious crime.