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Introduction Follow the battles and blessings of the early church
Chapter 1 Back to Peter: three very different people Acts 9:32–43
Chapter 2 Cornelius receives his orders—and so does Peter!— Acts 10:1-23
Chapter 3 When God is at work: preaching and the Holy Spirit Acts 10:24-48
Chapter 4 It happened like this Acts 11:1-18
Chapter 5 New blessings and a new name Acts 11:19-30
Chapter 6 Easier to escape from prison than to enter church Acts 12:1-19
Chapter 7 God’s glory and the Word of God Acts 12:20-25
Chapter 8 Paul’s first missionary journey: support then opposition Acts 13:1–12
Chapter 9 A crucial message Acts 13:13–41
Chapter 10 We turn to the Gentiles Acts 13:42–52
Chapter 11 Trusting God on the roller coaster Acts 14:1–18
Chapter 12 Left for dead, but living for Christ! Acts 14:19–28
Chapter 13 How to deal with deadly doctrine Acts 15:1–13
Chapter 14 An important letter Acts 15:14–35
Chapter 15 Second missionary journey: strengthening but dissension Acts 15:36–16:5
Chapter 16 God guides: the Macedonian vision and the purple woman Acts 16:6–15
Chapter 17 Blessing and battering: prison, floggings and converts Acts 16:16–40
Chapter 18 Reason and riot: Philippi to Thessalonica to Berea to Athens Acts 17:1–15
Chapter 19 Making known ‘The unknown God’ Acts 17:16–34
Chapter 20 The birth of a church in a sleazy city Acts 18:1–18
Chapter 21 Paul’s second missionary journey finishes Acts 18:18–23
Finally A final word