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Introduction Pressing on to victory!  
Chapter 1 An eloquent Egyptian and a caring couple Acts 18:23–28
Chapter 2 Blessing, slander and going on with Christ Acts 19:1–10
Chapter 3 ‘Unusual miracles’, books burned, and God’s word grows Acts 19:11–22
Chapter 4 Money, myth and the mayor Acts 19:23–41
Chapter 5 When the speaker goes on too long! Acts 20:1–16
Chapter 6 The unforgettable goodbye Acts 20:17–38
Chapter 7 Jerusalem! Acts 21:1–17
Chapter 8 Reporting back and more trouble in the temple Acts 21:18–40
Chapter 9 Bravery before the mob Acts 22:1–23
Chapter 10 Paul under pressure again—twice Acts 22:23–23:11
Chapter 11 A foiled plot—and on to Caesarea Acts 23:12–35
Chapter 12 Paul’s day in court Acts 24:1–27
Chapter 13 ‘Caesar, here I come!’ Acts 25:1–12
Chapter 14 Brought before a king Acts 25:13–26:3
Chapter 15 Witnessing to a king Acts 26:4–23
Chapter 16 Almost persuaded? Acts 26:24–32
Chapter 17 Sailing into the storm Acts 27:1–26
Chapter 18 Malta to the rescue! Acts 27:27–28:10
Chapter 19 On to Rome Acts 28:11–22
Chapter 20 The two main divisions are not Jews and Gentiles Acts 28:23–29
Chapter 21 Our last glimpses of the apostle Paul Acts 28:30–31
Finally A final word